Vietnam overview


Vietnam Weather

Vietnam is often depicted as a place with steamy jungles and hot beaches, but country's climate is quite diverse, with freezing temperatures and even snow in its northern highlands.


Vietnam Cuisine

Many of international tourists consider steamed rice, fish sauce, pho and square cake as symbolic dishes of Vietnam. However, besides those dishes, there is a plenty of things about Vietnam cuisine that will surprise foreign visitors. Along the country, each city, province, district, commune, evenly village has its unique special dishes. Come to Vietnam, visitors will have a chance to enjoy extremely delicious dishes which can be made sophisticatedly or simply but definitely cannot be seen anywhere outside Vietnam.


Vietnam Culture

The cultural of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Văn hóa Việt Nam The culture of Vietnam) is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia, with the ancient Bronze age Đông Sơn culture being widely considered one of its most important progenitors. Due to a millennium of Chinese rule, Vietnam was heavily and remarkably influenced by Chinese culture in terms of politics, government, Confucian social and moral ethics, and art. Vietnam is considered to be part of the East Asian cultural sphere.