About Diamondtour

About Diamond Tour

Diamond Travel Agency (DIAMONDTOUR JSC) was established on June 7, 2017.

It is a travel agency approved by the Hanoi Tourism Bureau and registered by the Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce, and pays a full amount of quality guarantee. The company is located in Youth County, Hanoi City, license number: 0107878502.
Diamond Travel Agency's business scope treasures ah conference services, inbound tourism, domestic and foreign travel and air tickets, hotel reservations and other comprehensive travel services.

Service quality commitment
In order to comprehensively promote the development of tourism in Vietnam, shape the good image of tourism in Vietnam, protect the legal rights of tourists and improve the satisfaction of tourists, Vietnam Diamond Tourism has formulated this commitment.

The main contents of this commitment are:
- Choose Vietnamese specialties that suit the tastes of Taiwanese tourists
- Choose international dishes
- Select only the restaurants visited by the company
- Ordering meals at the same restaurant and restaurant as agreed on the contract

- choose the latest hotel that meets the requirements of visitors
- Booking according to the agreed hotel and room rate on the contract

- Visitors choose the existing premium, medium and qualified three types of vehicles
- Do a good job in vehicle technical maintenance, ensure that the air conditioning and other equipment and facilities in the car are well-equipped to ensure a comfortable passenger environment.
- Guaranteed to use the latest 5 years car

- Conduct existing routes such as North Vietnam, China Vietnam, South Vietnam, etc. and constantly search for new attractions and continuously optimize service quality
- 100% is graduated from undergraduate university
- Guided tour provides basic work tools to provide unlimited access to headphones in the area
- Completely prepared in the car to introduce the profile of Vietnam (history, culture, customs)